The Art of Manifestation


We co-create our realities. We shape our thoughts, goals, and dreams in our lives every moment: this is manifestation. Like all endeavors, there are many ways to scale this mountain. This moment that I share with you is just one of the possible ways to procreate your desires. If other things work better for you, so be it.

First off, to make things happen we must take action. Books like THE SECRET have made this a mainstream event, but there is more to the art of shaping your life than just intent alone. Life without action is fire without heat. The combination of positive thought and clean actions will produce miraculous success-this is your spiritual equation. Now, we address the Art of Change:

  • Meditate Even though seeing is believing, you must now embrace the new concept of “Believing is Seeing”.  The stillness of meditation rewires the brain to create a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious dreamtime.
  • Make your intent physical You may use sounds, symbols, words, images-whatever can create that sincere connection between your waking mind and your subconscious attention. Create a vision board for establishing a consistent point of meditation and focus.
  • Feel the experience fully as an I AM unit Once the intent has a physical presence, the seeking spirit must embrace the moment of being in the now. Experiencing the outcome daily is the most important moment as the feeling tones make stronger subconscious impressions. This physical level of living feels the desired manifestation has occurred, so the magic happens.

With all honesty, not every dream that we hold will manifest easily. Some never happen as well. While we may attribute this to karma and other aspects of life beyond our control, not getting our desired result is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it is more important that we change ourselves and dreams than to change the world around us.


Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

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