Release~Regroup~Revive in 2017

Resolutions are made to be broken.

As we enter the new year of 2017, we look back and review our accomplishments. We come to terms with what did or did not work for us. We house clean and prepare for new ventures while releasing the things that have no possibility of serving our desired growth. We let go!

The following list is only the tip of the iceberg; your listing may not include any of these. Release what doesn’t work for you, regroup, and revive your life in 2017:

  • the need to control
  • gossip and grudges
  • excuses and procrastination
  • jealousy
  • trying to please everyone
  • over spending
  • comparing yourself to others
  • any job that you hate
  • negative body images
  • unhealthy relationships
  • unhealthy habits
  • over committing
  • what others think about you
  • home clutter


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