Quit Smoking NOW

Welcome to the New Year 2017 as a smoke-free Human Being!

This column is designed for those wishing to smoke less or not at all. Smoking is one of the unhealthiest lifestyle choices one can embrace. It not only harms the smoker but also those present that are sharing the same air space. This indulgence has been in the media for so long that it is not necessary to discuss the benefits of not smoking. The following points are suggestions for breaking connections with tobacco abuse:

  • Don’t go cold turkey: while this may work for some individuals, most people can achieve their goal of being smoke-free only through gradual reduction
  • Avoid other smokers: staying clear of environments where there is tobacco usage reduces the temptation to burn one
  • Notice what triggers your tobacco urge: sometimes social activities such as drinking stimulates the smoking desire. Pay attention to what drives you to light up
  • Calculate your savings: you will save money by not purchasing tobacco as well as save on health insurance
  • Select a date to quit: this creates a target that starts the cessation in motion
  • Tell everyone you know: this creates low key social pressure as you will have to interact with these people daily
  • Practice yogic breathing exercises: the article about breathing will explain this in depth
  • Don’t buy tobacco: likewise, do not borrow cigarettes or tobacco
  • Exercise daily: this will cleanse the body and lungs as nicotine is removed from the body after the 3rd day of no smoking
  • Never give up: if at first you do not succeed, you can always try harder

No one came in this world as a smoker, it was a learned habit that was perfected through practice. Now that you have mentally and spiritually outgrown this addiction, you are ready to break the physical temptation and live a healthier life again.

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

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