Prayers and Meditations

The Great One gifted each of us with the ability to communicate!

When we wish to express a desire or receive information our thought process works impulsively to form the language we use. This thought process develops our power of speaking. This is the power to use words to charm, to direct, and also to terminate. This power of speaking takes images from our unconscious dream world and creates a physical presence that is experienced by the world around us. This is language. This is good.
Language is understood by agreement. Gestures, words, and actions are all forms of language and communicating. When different beings accept a common set of symbols to represent the events they share in common they create a language between themselves; to master these symbols is the mastery of their chosen language. This creates bonding and allows communications to permeate all levels of existence.
Prayers are apart of the communication process. Prayers are the individual’s heart felt expressions towards the personal concept of God, Great Spirit, or the Divine. There are as many ways to pray. Also, there are as many types of prayer as there are stars in the skies at night. For some, the prayer of choice is created in the moment- what is being felt is immediately expressed to the source of life. For others, prayers handed down through religious text are the ultimate choices. Then there are the practices that requisite devotion through daily rituals and ceremony. As always stated, there are no better or lesser choices of devotion, only different methods to assist us in our walk through the maze of life.
Meditations allow the seeking spirit to receive communication from the source of life; we experience the sacred voice that illuminates the path of choice. Through the process of meditating the mist is cleared and new insights emerge. Meditating is listening to the dialog presented in response to the prayers created. As with praying, there are also a variety of meditations for accessing the divine as well.
Spirit speaks to everyone every given moment. We connect with this sacred voice when we acknowledge the wind in our faces, the snow on our hair, and the laughter of the children. Spirit is a part of every breath, and we surely breathe quite often each day. It is very limiting for the human experience to reserve Sundays alone as the day of worship, for the Divine One has no concept of resting.
If you are now asking ‘how does one meditate or dial in to listen to the voice of Divinity?’ this article has been a success. If you already connect to the sacred voice, hopefully this article will elevate your communications to the next level. We access the voice of Spirit through our intentions. Where the attention goes the energy flows. When we make prayers we speak directly; we cut to the chase and present our requests like children with Christmas lists for Santa.   Let us be as direct in our meditating for the responses as well.
We can meditate when we are walking, when we are lying in bed, when we are sitting, waiting or what have you. Spirit is there for us if we only close our eyes and slow down to listen.

The breath is the key- Spirit is breath of life.

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

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