OLIVE OAK Aromatherapy Shea Butter

The health conscious individual of today will purchase the best foods and nutritional choices available without a second thought. These actions are perceived as forward movement in the desire to live as healthy and wholesome as possible. And true, what goes inside our bodies does make a difference in the quality of life we experience.

This attitude towards wellness should also apply to our external self. The physical body-our skin and muscles-absorbs whatever it comes into contact with to a great extend. Oils, water, grit, dust, chemicals, etc. It is a better choice to be holistic externally as well as internally.

OLIVE OAK AROMATHERAPY Shea Butter is one hundred percent organic pure essential oils blended with imported Shea Butter from the African Motherland. An external skin rub for muscles and joints.

Love your body and it will love you back

*This is not a medication being promoted as a cure for physical issues; it is an organic rub to make you feel better and healthier emotionally and sensually.

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