October 30th 2016 New Moon

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Welcome to the time of the New Moon tonight!

This is the moment for releasing the negative energy and obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and experiencing your abundance. Use this time to plant the seeds of intention so that your dreams will began manifestation. This is really simple and can produce the results that you wish to see.

  1. Create a sacred space that will not be disturbed. This can be indoors or outside. You may even use your personal alter space or find a place of power in nature. Try to not begin before sunset if at all possible.
  2. Determine which areas of your life need new energy, as well as which things you have that no longer serve you. This New Moon ritual is all about clearing out your personal space to create room for more abundance. The golden rule is do not set any intentions that can harm other living being.
  3. When you have you list of things to release, take a moment to ground yourself. You may sit quietly, or even use sage, water, or any natural element to ground and focus this moment.
  4. Determine which method of release speaks to you. You may burn your listing in a fire or by candle. Or, you may just use mental imagery and visualize your changes. You may even toss the listing away and not go reclaim it. The point is that you want to physically create a new space using your intent.
  5. You may set parameters for this new growth. You may ask that with the upcoming Full Moon your manifestations comes into being. You may ask for confirmations that this new energy is working through signs and totems.


Please be patient with your requests. Spirit time does not follow our clock inspired linear time. Your requests do not have to be answered as you asked. Sometimes Spirit determines that what we have requested is not in our best interest and we receive what we need as compared to what we wished for.

Achukma Hoke means “This is good”.

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi



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