Here we are: where are we?

You and I have worked diligently to arrive in this present moment. Now here we are!

Our present environment is the result of our previous decisions regarding what would be best for us and produce our desired outcomes aka dreams and goals. Now, again, here we are!

But wait one minute please. Hold your ponies. This is not the picture that was envisioned. We are not in the space of “Happy Ever After“. We can retrace our steps and methods of navigation, but still something is not quite in place. In other words: “what the hell went wrong?”

Given the choice, everyone would label themselves as competent adults. So be it. After all, we are employed, have families, and vacation. We socialize, become elders, and eventually leave the planet. We experience the Wheel of Life. This being said, why do we sometimes feel hollow and incomplete?

We have a lack of options!

A true measurement of a fulfilling existence is the manifestation of options. This is our ability/personal power to move forward in the direction of our choice. We steer our life craft as opposed to being subjected to the waves around us.  Manual pilot as opposed to automatic passenger. Sounds good? Then let’s examine our relationships with the following concepts we have put in place to make a stronger connection to our life desires.

  • Abundance, Success, Love, Happiness: these states of being are quite easily confused with goals. In reality, these are the results of making the right choices for the highest good in all of our relationships. You cannot make apples, but you can plant apple trees
  • Releasing The Past: this is quite vague as our present identity is a reflection of our past experiences. For this discussion, however, we are referring to our path of heart. We must know whether to rewrite our goals or rewrite our methods of operations. Most important, we must know the difference
  • Embracing Change: it can be a real challenge to  dissolve bonds with things familiar to us. This moves us out of our comfort zones and into uncharted territories in our life. Once we understand that we are not the “fixed” beings that we have always thought of ourselves as being, we replace boundaries with bridges.

In conclusion, we lie in the beds we make. Life is a continuous march forward. We can expect to be bombarded nonstop with esoteric dialog i.e. being in the now, there is no linear reality, and other mind boggling new age vernacular. This [bombardment] probably will increase as we awaken to newer levels of perception.

What we do know is that we have this present moment-NOW- to reset our course. Our journey is unique in that it really fits us! At times we share our path with others, and there will be those moments of the nomadic solo walk-about. Regardless, we are in motion and moving towards our newer being.

Good luck on your ventures!

Note* Staying in a place where you do not belong is a lack of self-love

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi



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