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This article is about bringing the dream home. We all wish to see our inner desires become real, be it buying a home, having the ideal mate, or travelling broad. It can be quite defeating to not produce those things that would be a sweet treat for our hearts. Sometimes we do not realize that we may need to readjust our process by just an inkling to see the magic of life. So that everyone can be on the same page, I will attempt to share as much as I can from the beginning to end about one of several ways to create the lives we desire. As nothing is set in stone, use what you wish and discard what ever you choose-good luck on your journey.

For starters, our world is nothing more than a three dimensional hologram supported by a Quantum Field of energy that is total potential. Our dream/desires begin as a vibration within this Quantum Field. This Quantum Energy Field has an independent consciousness that responds to the belief systems, thoughts, and feeling tones we carry internally. Our focus of attention/imagination is the tool we use to command this QEF.

Everyone has the same potential from birth for creating their desired lives, but as we grow into adults our windows of opportunity are systematically shutdown by the consensus around us. We are redirected into being someone with a social status that is approved and accepted by the modern world. We replace our powers of imagination and manifestation with the processes of memorization and logical thought. We are spiritually neutered!

As everything changes and everything is changeable, we are in constant motion between diverse realities. We are at the place where our attention is focused. If our focus is on fear, stress, or any other negative state that is where we will be.

Knowing this, it is also a truism that if we focus on positive environments we will get more of the same: where attention goes energy flows. This is because our subconscious mind does not discriminate between what we desire and what is unwanted: it sends energy commands to the QEF to empower our present mindsets. This being said, now we retrain our minds to reclaim our personal power to produce positive results!

How to D.I.Y.

  1. Know very clearly what you want
  2. Know that you are unconditionally worthy of your desires
  3. Live as if your dreams have already happened
  4. Do not worry about how it will come about
  5. Stay connected through faith to your dreams
  6. Create positive actions when inspired


  1. You are not sure of what you want
  2. You feel unworthy
  3. You cannot embrace your dream happening
  4. You are concerned about the process of it becoming real
  5. You lack total faith and eventually give up

We must always remember that our consensus world is defined by linear time frames that move us from point A to point B. However, in the Quantum Field and world of Spirit and Great Mystery every thing happens “now” in multiple dimensions. This dimension cannot be measured: it will be.

Good luck on your journey to enlightenment!

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi




Close your eyes and allow your personal relationship to rewind in your mind. When you recall those moments where you looked at your spouse and said “aha!” that’s one of the moments where your love for your chosen held really strong vibrations. That is the person that you love and why you love them.

Good healthy relationships do not solve problems and challenges between couples; they support couples through their life journeys together. Committed couples can co-create the most beautiful lives together if they both are aware of tools that remove the bumps on the road they share together.

  1.  Honor your differences. The world is a melting pot of differences. Your partner does not/will not have the same fascinations as you. This is quite cool and alright. Become aware of what makes their space sacred as well as what makes yours. Then always invite them into your personal space and accept any invitations into theirs.
  2. Inspire each other. Aspire to help your partner break the shackles that restrict them from embracing their greatness. You cannot do this work for them. Likewise you do not wish to cover up your own personal weaknesses. Its alright to be vulnerable with your chosen, for you are sharing your personal truth.
  3. Shower each other in love and respect. Work on dreams and build together. you will not be able to improve your life partner but you can love them more. Enough said.
  4. Replace secrecy with clarity. Love between you will raise both of you up together when you work to be ready to walk together.

Sometimes you will do your best but everything fails regardless. You will fall out of love. Allow this death to have its moment. Continue to be your natural self. Someone out there is looking for someone just like you!

I wish you a big love life always,  Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi



At this moment you are being called upon to grace the world with your voice. You have held your words of power long enough. To hold your wisdom of Spirit within is a disservice to Humankind.You are the keeper for a piece of Life’s puzzle. You are a bridge between two points in time.

Garner State Park Fall Equinox Retreat

hosted by

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Optimum Wellness Lifestyle (OWL) Club

The objective of OWL is to help members attain and maintain optimum wellness on spiritual, mental, and physical levels.

web-photo-2 Fall Equinox Retreat Benefits include:
• You will feel better and perform better
• You will learn how to incorporate super foods into your daily routine


Fall Equinox Retreat Activities include:
• Burning Man New Moon Ceremony to releasing barriers to optimum wellness
• Yoga fitness, communal drumming, nature and optimum nutrition play shops

Optional one-on-one sessions include:
• Chakra balancing or optimal wellness assesments available at $50 person


Dr. Lucinda M. Deason, retreat facilitator and owner of Dr. Lucy’s Alkaline Foods and More, sees her life purpose as helping herself and others attain and maintain optimal health utilizing alkaline/super foods and more. She has worked on aquaponic/organic farms in Texas and taught healing yoga techniques, heart meditations, and more.

A member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Boe Glasschild founded Nature’s Own Wisdom to help people live in harmony and balance on our beautiful planet. A certified health and wellness professional, Boe has instructed shamanic workshops from California to Vermont. Boe has also authored two books: Feathers In The Fire, and Nan Pisa- One Who Sees, to share Earth based exercises for personal growth and life management.

Where: Garner State Park, 234 RR 1050, Concan, TX 78838
When: Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2, 2016
Cost: $300 (Includes tent space, food, and activities)
FINAL PAYMENT DUE by September 23
Early Bird Discount: $275 total by September 16

You can get 50% off this event by recruiting 3 paid bookings!

Refunds & Cancellations: $75 deposit is non-refundable. 50% of the total cost can be refunded by September 23 or it can be applied to future retreats.

Space is limited. RSVP at luludeason@gmail.com or boe.now@gmail.com
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Lucy [832]898-0766 or Boe [810]394-7471

~Payment can be made on Paypal to luludeason@gmail.com via credit card~

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Get Everyone Onboard Helping Earth and Living Things Heal!

Living is all about Spirit. We breathe spirit, exchange spirit in our relationships, and even use its energy to go to war. Spirit is the life force that animates our physical bodies to perform and retain experiences. Plants, stones, humans, animal, water, stars-everything is created from the same spiritual source. We are all spiritual beings by nature that differ only in our physical level of incarnation.

Healing is a facet of living. Healing occurs on as many diverse levels as needed to establish a state of harmony and balance. Spiritual healing is an awakening of the seeking spirit to higher vibrations for self-empowerment. As with all things in the esoteric realm, the concept of higher vibrations is relative to both the moment and seeker.

Geo-Health is dedicated to spiritual awakening. Plain and simple:


This being said, welcome to Geo-Health and enjoy the ride!

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walk away

May each step of your new journey transform lies into truth, devils into angels, sinners into saints, and your Earthly needs into Spiritual desires.

I wish you the biggest life obtainable, the purest heart imaginable, the deepest love possible.

Whether we meet or not in this lifetime, know that my heart caresses your Spirit in kinship always.

Let there be one love between the many colors of the Rainbow Nation.

May your travels open your heart to the unconditional sharing of love–because you are here to LOVE, and nothing else matters at this time.

Live right, be good, get in touch, keep touching.

yours always,
Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

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The Authentic Self

Regardless of the spiritual discipline, the human body is referred to as the vehicle with which the spirit chose to have personal experiences this incarnation. The human body is a tool for the spirit to use as it experiences sensations, pleasures, pains, and what have you. The sacred human body is the lodge for the Great Spirit Mystery to dwell in as our hearts hold the songs of Great Spirit. Therefore, when one honors the body and takes care of it, one is cleaning the lodge of Great Mystery. This is good.

The two moments that one is closest to Great Mystery are the moments of birth and death. These two dates we have no control over; these are our gifts from Earth-Maker. The days in between are our giveaway back to the Great One. Spirit gives us the gift of life; how we live is our gift back in return. The choices we make determine the pathways we walk in the grand maze called life.

So, where does one find the true self—the little child within that sees fairies, angels, and laughs with the voices in the winds? Where has such a sacred being gone over the years, years spent in fulfilling that consensus agenda? Why has this special part of us died or moved on? For such questions, we must return to our beginnings for answers.

When we began this incarnation, we were very aware of our connections to the Great One. We did not need grammar to understand life; we were able to intuit with all of our relations. We saw life as the miracle it truly is, and being of such a pure unbiased nature, we allowed our experiences to speak to us in their tongue. We came here truly awakened to our kinship with the worlds of the stone people, the plant people, and the many animal brethren. Life and living were miracles in motion.

As time moves forward, we become the property of those entrusted with our personal care. These are our parents. With hindsight, we understand that their decisions were intended to be for our benefit, but some of their choices did more harm than good. We were slowly molded into products that would serve the consensus mindset so that we could be prosperous adults, plain and simple. We were directed into careers and futures that weakened our connections with the Magic of Life. Life became more factual and less spontaneous. We went from being the Grand Dream to being the dreamer. We moved away from Creator.

Alas, we find ourselves into the middle years. We now see a shift in our focus. Once again the journey is more exciting than the destination. We wish to heal, to be “wholesome,” and find our true self.

We are at the right place every given moment. We are where we need to be. The child within never left us, but we became too preoccupied to listen. We sought the pot of gold, gratification, prestige, and material possessions. We wanted to fit in. Now we listen. Now we dare to dream again and believe the magic we are seeing.

At this moment, we know that everything is possible. We hear the songs of the wind in the pines and the laughter in bubbling brooks. We twinkle with the stars at night and float with the clouds by daylight. We marvel at the dance of bees, the cooing of doves, and the intricate webbing of spiders. We are alive again, living in kinship with the children of Earth Mother.

 Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

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The Teaching Wheel
The concept of the wheel represents the world and the influences around us. As we move through life our experiences shape us and move us from the center of our respective wheels towards the edge, creating moments of unbalance. When we come to terms with these lessons and awaken to the truths revealed in these experiences, we return to the center of the wheel again. There are eight directions on the wheels with Earth Maker always located in the center. To use this mandala, open the wheel using the East direction as the beginning.

The Wheel’s directions:

  • The Center is known as The Void, for it is the place of union between Earth Maker and Earth Mother, the above and below. The center of the wheel is the lodge of the Great Mystery. As a part of Creator’s stuff, we too are at home in the center.
  •  East is the direction of Spirit, the creative body, the element of FIRE, and Grandfather Sun. This direction is the place of illumination and enlightenment, stars, perception, inspiration, the human soul, and the Child Spirit. Here we determine how to use energy. This direction opens up the mindset to thoughts pertaining to fantasy, illusion, and human realities.
  • West is the direction of the physical body, the element of EARTH, and Grandmother Earth. This is the place of intuition, introspection, self-recognition, and the magic from going within. The Adult Spirit rests here. This is the place of reflection, organization, and the planets. Here we learn to contain, or hold. West is the place of earth history and daydreams.
  • South is the direction of the emotional body, the element of WATER, and Earth Mother. This is where learning occurs and one develops faith, trust, innocence and friendships. This is the place of personal projections, transformation, the Physical Child, the separated self, music, and the teacher of gifting. Here we learn to gift others. South is the space of sacred humans, entertainments, diversions, worries, fears, what should be, and mythologies on life.
  •  North is the direction of the mental body, the element of AIR, and Sky Father. This direction is the teacher of harmony and balance, instinctual intellect, expanded awareness, the star nation, wisdom, logic, knowledge, and the Physical Adult. Here we learn to receive. North teaches about the collective consciousness, philosophies, beliefs, and “is-ness”.
  • Southeast is the direction of memory, history, ancestors, synchronicity, enlightened humans, and elves (little people). Southeast as a direction includes concepts of self and reincarnation while retaining the focus on memory.
  • Southwest is the direction of the dream teachers and finding the personal dreams this lifetime. This is the place where life experiences are organized into patterns that make sense so that the dreams may unfold; this is also the place of imagination. Southwest experiences the symbols of the dream to awaken the individual.
  •  Northwest is the direction of karma, rules, lessons, laws, cycles, relationships, empowering the self, what works and why, and law chiefs. Northwest is the direction of rules and laws for sacred images and icons. All are arbitrary.
  • Northeast is the direction of designing energy movement, freedom, choices, balance between the higher and lower selves, and how we move through life. In the Northeast the design of energy movement is enhanced by the focus upon intent and attention.
    The teaching wheel can be used for meditations, divinations, healing work, dream work, etc. There is no specific way to use them. They are a tool or prop for arranging energy flow. It all depends on our intent and awareness. For example, we can sit in a direction and place an issue in the center of the wheel. Each direction will bring to light a different perspective for this issue, yet each will be equally valid and pertinent to the resolution. An ideal way to befriend the teaching wheel would be to spend a day or so sitting in each direction in meditation. Preferably, sit in each direction at the same time each day, and if time permits, sit in each direction in the morning and again in the evening. Try and record the thought forms that are experienced. You may even wish to keep a journal before long to retain the experiences. This is good.


~Life is Filled with Cycles~

Everything has a beginning, growth, maturation, decay, and finally death to rebirth again. Energy is in a constant state of recycling and reincarnation.
The grand universe that surrounds Earth Mother also cycles. Grandfather Sun has a very rapid cycle of approximately 24 hours between sunrises. This is our source of empowerment and giving high energy to all life forms.

Grandmother Moon has a longer cycle of 28 to 29 days between New Moons. This planetary energy is more about illumination and going within. The symbolism here is associated with planting the seeds of our dreams by new moon and hopefully harvesting the fruit by full moon. This is a predominate thought in many Earth-based belief systems.
The focus of this page will be to share activities for spiritual growth that are aligned with the moon cycles. These activities will be preceded with some form of spiritual dialog to prep the mind. These exercises are shamanic in nature and not the traditional practice or ritual of any specific Amerindian nation. It is my wish that you will gain a broader insight into the phenomena of being alive!
Get in touch and keep touching…

Boe NanPisa Wayachi

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