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Boe Glasschild is also a published author for Spirit works and personal growth. The two publications available online are:

  1. NAN PISA…ONE WHO SEES   This is the true account of the shamanic journey for one of seeking spirit. A compilation of adages, spirit encounters, and metaphysical exercises to awaken the reader to the non-ordinary world of energy and relationships between all five worlds within our physical uni-verse.

2. FEATHERS IN THE FIRE   This second publication is a hands on work for designing energy movement on all levels of one’s daily life. This book facilitates the transition from enduring life on auto-pilot to co-creation as an aware and awakened individual. Believing is Seeing.

These literary works are available in e-book format at:

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Q: Why are you bringing forth these lessons at this time?

A: These teachings have always been with us in one form or another. However, it is a sad thing that the majority of the people residing on Earth Mother have not had access to this wisdom. This appears to be for a number of reasons, ranging from a lack of personal interest to associations with dogmatic belief systems that limit and pigeon-hold Earth Mother‘s innate truths. Now, as we move into the new millennium, it is time to give away this “spiritual medicine”. Spiritual medicine is the term I choose, for the concepts presented focus on elevating the spiritual existence of the individual. Everyone has spiritual Earth rights to happiness, healthfulness, a harmonious life, and wholeness. For some of Earth Mother’s children, these are evasive concepts more unattainable than anything else. At this time, assisting our brothers and sisters seeking to connect to Earth Mother in total kinship is healing both to ourselves and those we share these things with. As one gets more comfortable with improving the life connections with all worlds existing on our beloved Earth Mother, s/he in turn shares the experience with other seeking spirits. This is a form of sympathetic vibrations between spirits i.e. two tuning forks resonating with each other.

Q: Who are the rainbow people, what is their purpose, and will the planet eventually be populated by the rainbow nation?

A: The concepts of red, black, white, yellow, and brown people pertain to the groups of Amerindian, African, Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic people. The rainbow people are the mixed blood children of the intermarriages between these groups on the physical levelof understanding. On the spiritual level, the rainbow children are the descendants of many mixed relationships from our ancestors that actively assist with the healing of the human consciousness and bring about a re-union of the people. These are the bearers of the new spirituality that embrace life from a higher spiritual vibration. Earth Mother is already populated by these descendants now in every country, but the concept of rainbow children goes even a step further. The rainbow children will also bring about the blending of spiritual and wellness practices.

Q: How does N.O.W. visualize the future of the planet?

A: As the seeking spirit grows, the spirit recognizes that the future is determined by choices and actions taken. However, in the grand scheme of things, prophesies handed down through the visionary work of the many ancestors preceding us do have an essence of validity. Words of wisdom are teachings in their own respect, somewhat like moral codes for Earth Mother. It is divine to be aware of the concept of where the attention goes, the energy flows. So be it on the grander planetary level as well.

Q: Are these teachings about personal mastery?

A: Nothing is ever really mastered, but one may become more proficient at the art of living. Lightning Dance teaches that the seeking spirit has control over the personal spirit self. Living is an attitude due to the nature of life itself. When we think we have figured things out, the spirit of Earth Mother presents us with new experiences to keep us humble. So in this respect, personal enlightenment is ever evolving and therefore mastery is fleeting and never really one hundred percent obtainable. N.O.W. is more focused on attaining harmony and balance with the four worlds of Earth Mother, connecting to every living being in kinship and respect. Earth Mother is the greatest example of harmony and balance, and like the cycles of day and night, the seeking spirit that wishes to live in harmony and balance must be willing to accept sadness as well as happiness. N.O.W. assists the seeking spirit in deciding whether s/he will be original or not.

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