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Good Day Rising! Let’s shoot from the hip regarding nutrition and healthier food choices:

  • weight management is approximately 75% nutrition and 25% physical activity
  • sugar and salt are two of the most abused food enhancers
  • fruits and vegetables are essential for optimal health
  • fast foods and processed foods are the weaker food choices
  • water is an essential component for better health
  • eating several smaller meals throughout the day i.e. grazing is a better choice than eating one or two large meals every day

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Healthier Food Choices

This article is not about becoming a vegan, vegetarian, or any other prescribed diet. These are just suggestions for adding nutritious supplements to your diet to improve your health and longevity.  As always, you should not intake anything if you have known allergic reactions or feel that you may have an allergic reaction. You may also consult your personal physician for more technical knowledge and recommendations.

You are going to eat what you want regardless. This may be due to culture, finances, and personal tastes. As you read through this listing, feel free to try what calls out to you and move on from whatever does not resonate initially. You can always try at a later date. Also, for more options, feel free to google recipes for the listed choices.

Try to select something from these categories every day:

  • Minimally processed foods
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Beans and legumes
  • Fruits and vegetables

The edibles listed below are selections from the categories. You many google the categories for more selections as there are too many options to cover in such a small space.

  •  Bananas: a great source of vitamins, fiber, and nutrients, eat as it is or add to smoothies
  • Avocadoes: the perfect fruit, add to salads, pizzas, dips, smoothies, anything
  • White beans: loaded with antioxidants and great for regulating fat storage in the body
  • Chia seeds: a super food, add to toppings, puddings, and spreads
  • Kale: the king of greens, add to dips, smoothies, juices, salads
  • Tumeric: a potent antioxidant and liver detoxifier, add to anything and everything- soups, salads, hot drinks, smoothies, vegetables
  • Apple Cider Vinegar:  great for detoxing the body and weight loss management, add to salad dressings
  • Cashews: packed full of health benefits, high in protein and good fats
  • Quinoa: a versatile seed loaded with vitamins, fiber, and minerals, add to salads, burger patties, cookies, pizza crust
  • Tomatoes: can be used at any meal, keep at room temperature, avoid canned tomatoes containing BPA a toxic chemical
  • Minimally processed foods: foods that have as little processing as possible and are a natural as possible with additives

This is just scratching the surface of eating as healthy as possible. The choices are limitless, and each ethnic cuisine can offer a health conscious choice to create a diverse meal plan.

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Regular exercise makes the heart stronger. This allows the heart to work less as it pumps blood throughout the body. Exercise also raises the oxygen level in the blood. This cleanses the blood and makes it thinner, reducing the amount of work the heart must do. As a result, the body blood pressure is lowered and physical health is easier to maintain. The best exercise for your heart is an aerobic activity. That means anything that works large groups of muscles such as your legs, arms and shoulders. Swimming, brisk walking, cycling, dancing and even digging your garden are all types of aerobic activity.

If you have had or are being treated for any of the following conditions, it is advised to get a physician’s clearance before doing aerobic exercises, heavy lifting or digging, weights, or any exercise that involves standing up quickly from the floor:

  Heart attack or heart surgery

 Chest pains (angina)

  Heart failure

High blood pressure

A healthy diet can reduce your chance of having heart issues, and also increase your chances of survival after these challenges. Eating healthy for the heart includes:

Eating regular meals

Cutting back on high-sugar foods and drinks

 Reduce the amount of fats in your diet

 Eating several portions of fruits and vegetables every day

 Cutting back on salt intake

Keep alcohol consumption to very moderate levels

For adults, one of the biggest challenges to better health is letting go of lifestyles that no longer serve us. Change is not always easy, but sometimes it can be the difference between living and not being alive.

Choose LIFE! Then commit to following the programs that offer health benefits.


From my heart to yours-

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home again

The human body is the temple where our Spirit resides. This is the greatest mystery to embrace. We begin life and end life with the sacredness of breath. Between these defining dates we fuel our bodies with our specific food decisions. We calibrate and adjust our bodies through our choice of daily activities.

This being said, this column is all about eating and staying active. What we eat and what we do will have a great effect on our quality of life. We are not about packing on a million pounds of muscle; if our internal system of kidneys, liver, heart, and other vital organs are not functioning properly then the super pumped body of outstanding muscles is just a facade. The focus here is on functional fitness without anything other than sunlight, oxygen, rest, and nutrition.

Daily activities are any and all practices to keep everyone toned and at their highest vibration.  Yoga, Pilates, body-weight exercises, and metaphysical practices such as deep relaxation techniques and overtone singing are all daily activities with multiple benefits.

*We are not medically trained physicians and we do not offer medical advice or services. We just share choices that provide healthier options to enhance your quality of life.

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Detox Water for Healthy Hydration

By Dr. Edward Group, guest writer for Wake Up World

Detox water has become a wildly popular diet craze. Many hail it as a miracle diet and think it can support weight loss. Could this be a revolutionary new way to drop pounds and trim the physique, or is it just another fad diet? Let’s start by understanding what detox water is.
What Is Detox Water?
Detox water is basically water (I recommend distilled water) infused with fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs. Sometimes called infused water, many people use it as part of a body detox strategy.
Water is crucial to your health. Every part of your body depends on water to thrive.

[1] Water is key to many basic physiological functions; water keeps your bloodstream fluid, moisturizes your skin, and even helps eliminate waste.

[2] Both the quantity and quality of water a person drinks directly impacts the health of their body.

[3] Unfortunately, I know many people who don’t enjoy drinking water. Some say it’s tasteless and dull. That’s what makes detox water so excellent. It adds flavor to plain water while also infusing key, beneficial nutrients. If you’re looking for a simple health-conscious choice, detox water is a great option.

Some of the Most Popular Ingredients
Some detox waters add nutritional value to water. Others provide a tasty alternative to less healthful drinks such as soda,energy drinks, or coffee. The best do both.
Many popular detox water recipes include citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime. These fruits are both tasty and heavy in vitamin C. Many types of detox water also include healthful herbs like mint, basil, rosemary, oregano, and ginger. Other popular ingredients include cucumber, berries, watermelon, apple, cinnamon sprigs, aloe vera, and even apple cider vinegar. I even like adding a dash of Himalayan Salt for additional flavor and a mineral boost.

Enjoy Detox Water Recipes All Year Long!
Each of the following recipes are simple and anyone can make them. You’ll notice that many of these recipes use approximate measurements like “a handful.” Play around and find what’s most tasty to you. Detox water recipes don’t need to be exact. These are just a few that I’ve made while experimenting in my own kitchen. I encourage you to experiment yourself to find what you like!
Every one of these recipes follows the same basic formula, only the add-ins differ.

  • Start with one gallon/3.8 liters of purified water (room temperature is fine). Combine the other ingredients in a glass container, stir gently with a wooden spoon, and refrigerate for 3-4 hours to allow all ingredients to mingle. Serve and enjoy!

These ingredients are best when fresh. I recommend drinking your detox water within 24 hours of making it.
1. Cucumber Mint Water
Cucumber water makes for a healthy, mellow drink. Adding a little mint makes this a refreshing delight on even the hottest day.
• Slice a cucumber into roughly 15 – 20 thin slices
• Add 5 – 7 whole fresh mint leaves to cucumber slices
• Add a pinch of Himalayan salt
Pro-Tip: Once you’ve added these ingredients to your water, use your wooden spoon to crush up the mint leaves against the bottom of the container. This releases flavor and makes your water delicious!
2. Watermelon Citrus Water
Watermelon citrus water makes an excellent summertime treat. Perfect for picnics.
• Cube about 1 cup of fresh watermelon
• Squeeze the juice of ½ lemon and ½ orange
• Add 1 lemon wedge
• Add 1 orange wedge
• Add 5 – 8 cucumber slices to mellow the harsh citrus flavor




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