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A proud member of the great Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, I am a health and wellness professional with extensive experience as a Yoga-Pilates instructor. I have been a Lightning Dance shamanic practitioner since the 1980's. I host retreats, workshops, and lectures. I also offer private and online instruction.

Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse


Today is the 16th September 2016. This night we have a brilliant moon- it is both full and going through the lunar eclipse. This grandmother moon will allow us to clean house and make room for new beginnings. Simply put:

  • Decide on what you wish to remove from your personal space
  • Set your intention to dissolve it as the moon grows smaller in the sky over the next two weeks
  • Be prepared to plant new life seeds with the following new moon

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Exercise and Activities

2012 NOW logoHealth Risks and the Benefits of Exercise

Nature created us perfectly. Nerves, muscles, bones, and blood all work together. Our bodies are the greatest tool we will ever have the opportunity to use. However, as we get older we begin to loose the abilities of our youth. Now things can be different; we can change the way we live!

It would be a perfect world if no one ever got any illnesses or injuries. Everyone would be in excellent health, do the things that they enjoy, and probably live very long lives as well. Unfortunately, we get ill, have injuries, and tend to slow down as we pass through our middle years. Yet, we do not have to play the role of victim and stop living productive lives. Regular physical activity is a vital step in taking responsibility for how we feel every day.

Benefits of Exercise and Focused Daily Activities

  • Strength. Bodyweight workouts build strength without “bulking up”
  • Conditioning . Muscular imbalance causes injuries and discomfort in the back, legs, and feet. Focus on conditioning and balancing the whole body.
  • Relaxation. Learning to breathe properly can reduce stress and gets the mind in tune with the body. You become aware of how your body feels, and how to control its movements and thoughts. Many of the exercises can be done almost anywhere at any time.
  • Improved Body Functioning. Participation in fitness activities will help keep the cardio-vascular, digestive, and nervous systems in proper working order.

A healthy body allows us to think with more clarity, speak with more confidence, and move with more ease. When we improve the way our bodies experience life, we create better choices for where we go in life. And, in a nutshell, isn’t that what living is all about anyway?

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6 Bad ‘S’ Stealth Victimizers


The most beautiful thing about being in human form is the conscious power to make choices. We are forever designing and redesigning the flow of energy and events within our personal space. As there are consequences involved with our choices, it is for the highest good for all when we discern which choices move us and our environment forward.

There is an adage: “just because it’s good to you does not mean that it is good for you!”

Believe it or not, we are addressing our intake of indulgences. You know what I am referring to; those things that produce pleasure. As we are innately creature/spirits in pursuit of hedonistic fun, this pursuit mandates that no stone be left unturned. We experiment to gain experience.

Now, this blog is not a traditional sit and read piece. This is designed to be an awakening piece of literature i.e. hands on (or should we say minds on). You read the following bullet points and then take a moment to see if you can select an ‘S’ word to fit the scenario. After you have finished you will see the correct choices. Good Luck!

  • Call us the “twin sins”. We look just like twins. An overindulgence on your behalf and we will harden your arteries, increase your blood pressure, and make your heart work really hard. We become your sweethearts. You will crave us. Your sweet tooth in many ways, you will be cured like the finest ham. We are everywhere!
  • I love you. You love copulation. Party on that body! Our indulgence without foresight and protection will damage your immune system for life.
  • Try me and you will have an affair to remember. You see me, taste me, but cannot get a grasp on me. However, I can get a serious hold on you. I will take your breath away and leave you gasping for more.
  • Let us chill out. Take a load off. Kick back and relax until the cows come home.
  • I will not let you slow down. You will not relax. Monkey mind in overdrive. You will stay wound up seriously tight. I am very inexpensive to acquire- actually you get me for free- but I am high maintenance in the long run.

The twin sins are Sugar and Salt; Party on that body is Sex; Smoking is an affair to remember; Chill out is Sitting; Monkey mind in overdrive is Stress.

We must always be aware of the sacred spiritual law: “No harm shall come to Creator’s children”. This implies that we should strive to protect ourselves as temples for Spirit, for we will always live as Creator’s children. And, as the universal servant we must be mindful that our actions are examples of either growth or destruction for those that hold us in high esteem.

Now, this being said, we address the concept of moderation. Moderation is our ability to maintain discipline over our indulgences. We can no longer be like the run-away train barreling down the tracks of life. If you are reading this, you are probably health conscious to a certain degree. You want the highest quality of living as you venture into the golden years. You make better lifestyle choices so that you live longer-that’s as simple as the equation gets!

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Optimum Wellness Lifestyle (OWL) Club Fall Equinox Retreat

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The objective of OWL is to help members attain and maintain optimum wellness on spiritual, mental, and physical levels.

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Fall Equinox Retreat

Fall Equinox Retreat Benefits include:
 You will feel better and perform better
 You will learn how to incorporate super foods into your daily routine

Fall Equinox Retreat Activities include:
 Burning Man New Moon Ceremony to releasing barriers to optimum wellness
 Yoga fitness, communal drumming, nature and optimum nutrition play shops

Optional one-on-one sessions include:
 Chakra balancing or optimal wellness assessments available at $50 person


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Dr. Lucinda M. Deason, retreat facilitator and owner of Dr. Lucy’s Alkaline Foods and More, sees her life purpose as helping herself and others attain and maintain optimal health utilizing alkaline/super foods and more. She has worked on aquaponic/organic farms in Texas and taught healing yoga techniques, heart meditations, and more.

A member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Boe Glasschild founded Nature’s Own Wisdom to help people live in harmony and balance on our beautiful planet. He is a certified health and wellness professional and has instructed shamanic workshops from California to Vermont for over a decade.

Where: Garner State Park, 234 RR 1050, Concan, TX 78838
When: Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2, 2016
Cost: $300 (Includes tent space, all meals, and activities)
Deposit: $75 by September 9 and FINAL PAYMENT DUE by September 23
Early Bird Discount: $275 total by September 16

You can get 50% off this event by recruiting 3 paid bookings!

Refunds & Cancellations: $75 deposit is non-refundable.
50% of the total cost can be refunded by September 23 or it can be applied to future retreats.

Space is limited. RSVP at or
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Lucy [832]898-0766 or Boe [810]394-7471

~Payment can be made on Paypal to via credit card~


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July 13th 2016

May each step of your new journey transform lies into truth, devils into angels, sinners into saints, and your Earthly needs into Spiritual desires.

I wish you the biggest life obtainable, the purest heart imaginable, the deepest love possible.

Whether we meet or not in this lifetime, know that my heart caresses your Spirit in kinship always.

Let there be one love between the many colors of the Rainbow Nation.

May your travels open your heart to the unconditional sharing of love–because you are here to LOVE, and nothing else matters at this time.

Live right, be good, get in touch, keep touching.

yours always,
the Boeman Nan Pisa vt Wayachi

Get Everyone Onboard Helping Earth and Living Things Heal!

Living is all about Spirit. We breathe spirit, exchange spirit in our relationships, and even use its energy to go to war. Spirit is the life force that annimates our physical bodies to perform and retain experiences. Plants, stones, humans, animal, water, stars-everything is created from the same spiritual source. We are all spiritual beings by nature that differ only in our physical level of incarnation.

Healing is a facet of living. Healing occurs on as many diverse levels as needed to establish a state of harmony and balance. Spiritual healing is an awakening of the seeking spirit to higher vibrations for self-empowerment. As with all things in the esoteric realm, the concept of higher vibrations is relative to both the moment and seeker.

Geo-Health is dedicated to spiritual awakening. Plain and simple:


This being said, welcome to Geo-Health and enjoy the ride!

Please visit often for the most recent health blogs for optimum living!