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A proud member of the great Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, I am a health and wellness professional with extensive experience as a Yoga-Pilates instructor. I have been a Lightning Dance shamanic practitioner since the 1980's. I host retreats, workshops, and lectures. I also offer private and online instruction.

OLIVE OAK Aromatherapy Shea Butter

The health conscious individual of today will purchase the best foods and nutritional choices available without a second thought. These actions are perceived as forward movement in the desire to live as healthy and wholesome as possible. And true, what goes inside our bodies does make a difference in the quality of life we experience.

This attitude towards wellness should also apply to our external self. The physical body-our skin and muscles-absorbs whatever it comes into contact with to a great extend. Oils, water, grit, dust, chemicals, etc. It is a better choice to be holistic externally as well as internally.

OLIVE OAK AROMATHERAPY Shea Butter is one hundred percent organic pure essential oils blended with imported Shea Butter from the African Motherland. An external skin rub for muscles and joints.

Love your body and it will love you back

*This is not a medication being promoted as a cure for physical issues; it is an organic rub to make you feel better and healthier emotionally and sensually.

Here we are: where are we?

You and I have worked diligently to arrive in this present moment. Now here we are!

Our present environment is the result of our previous decisions regarding what would be best for us and produce our desired outcomes aka dreams and goals. Now, again, here we are!

But wait one minute please. Hold your ponies. This is not the picture that was envisioned. We are not in the space of “Happy Ever After“. We can retrace our steps and methods of navigation, but still something is not quite in place. In other words: “what the hell went wrong?”

Given the choice, everyone would label themselves as competent adults. So be it. After all, we are employed, have families, and vacation. We socialize, become elders, and eventually leave the planet. We experience the Wheel of Life. This being said, why do we sometimes feel hollow and incomplete?

We have a lack of options!

A true measurement of a fulfilling existence is the manifestation of options. This is our ability/personal power to move forward in the direction of our choice. We steer our life craft as opposed to being subjected to the waves around us.  Manual pilot as opposed to automatic passenger. Sounds good? Then let’s examine our relationships with the following concepts we have put in place to make a stronger connection to our life desires.

  • Abundance, Success, Love, Happiness: these states of being are quite easily confused with goals. In reality, these are the results of making the right choices for the highest good in all of our relationships. You cannot make apples, but you can plant apple trees
  • Releasing The Past: this is quite vague as our present identity is a reflection of our past experiences. For this discussion, however, we are referring to our path of heart. We must know whether to rewrite our goals or rewrite our methods of operations. Most important, we must know the difference
  • Embracing Change: it can be a real challenge to  dissolve bonds with things familiar to us. This moves us out of our comfort zones and into uncharted territories in our life. Once we understand that we are not the “fixed” beings that we have always thought of ourselves as being, we replace boundaries with bridges.

In conclusion, we lie in the beds we make. Life is a continuous march forward. We can expect to be bombarded nonstop with esoteric dialog i.e. being in the now, there is no linear reality, and other mind boggling new age vernacular. This [bombardment] probably will increase as we awaken to newer levels of perception.

What we do know is that we have this present moment-NOW- to reset our course. Our journey is unique in that it really fits us! At times we share our path with others, and there will be those moments of the nomadic solo walk-about. Regardless, we are in motion and moving towards our newer being.

Good luck on your ventures!

Note* Staying in a place where you do not belong is a lack of self-love

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi



12 Insights for Healing Our Hearts and Relationships


Karma: what we put out comes back to us


Creation: be yourself and surround yourself with the things you want to have in your life


Humility: what you refuse to accept will continue for you until you focus on a higher level of existence


Growth: when we change who and what we are in our hearts our life will follow suit and change as well


Responsibility: when something is wrong in your life there is something possibly wrong with the way you are living


Connection: everything in the Uni-verse is connected and the past, present, and future are as one


Focus: when we focus on Spiritual Values we do not have time for lower vibrations like greed or anger


Presence: clinging to old thoughts and patterns prevent us from experiencing new ones


Gifting:  ‘now’ is where we put what we have claimed to know into practice


Change: history will repeat itself until we learn the lesson that we need to change our path


Patience: true joy is doing what we are supposed to do and waiting for the reward to come in ‘its own time’


Significance: every personal contribution is a contribution to the ‘Whole

…your thoughts…

Prayers and Meditations

The Great One gifted each of us with the ability to communicate!

When we wish to express a desire or receive information our thought process works impulsively to form the language we use. This thought process develops our power of speaking. This is the power to use words to charm, to direct, and also to terminate. This power of speaking takes images from our unconscious dream world and creates a physical presence that is experienced by the world around us. This is language. This is good.
Language is understood by agreement. Gestures, words, and actions are all forms of language and communicating. When different beings accept a common set of symbols to represent the events they share in common they create a language between themselves; to master these symbols is the mastery of their chosen language. This creates bonding and allows communications to permeate all levels of existence.
Prayers are apart of the communication process. Prayers are the individual’s heart felt expressions towards the personal concept of God, Great Spirit, or the Divine. There are as many ways to pray. Also, there are as many types of prayer as there are stars in the skies at night. For some, the prayer of choice is created in the moment- what is being felt is immediately expressed to the source of life. For others, prayers handed down through religious text are the ultimate choices. Then there are the practices that requisite devotion through daily rituals and ceremony. As always stated, there are no better or lesser choices of devotion, only different methods to assist us in our walk through the maze of life.
Meditations allow the seeking spirit to receive communication from the source of life; we experience the sacred voice that illuminates the path of choice. Through the process of meditating the mist is cleared and new insights emerge. Meditating is listening to the dialog presented in response to the prayers created. As with praying, there are also a variety of meditations for accessing the divine as well.
Spirit speaks to everyone every given moment. We connect with this sacred voice when we acknowledge the wind in our faces, the snow on our hair, and the laughter of the children. Spirit is a part of every breath, and we surely breathe quite often each day. It is very limiting for the human experience to reserve Sundays alone as the day of worship, for the Divine One has no concept of resting.
If you are now asking ‘how does one meditate or dial in to listen to the voice of Divinity?’ this article has been a success. If you already connect to the sacred voice, hopefully this article will elevate your communications to the next level. We access the voice of Spirit through our intentions. Where the attention goes the energy flows. When we make prayers we speak directly; we cut to the chase and present our requests like children with Christmas lists for Santa.   Let us be as direct in our meditating for the responses as well.
We can meditate when we are walking, when we are lying in bed, when we are sitting, waiting or what have you. Spirit is there for us if we only close our eyes and slow down to listen.

The breath is the key- Spirit is breath of life.

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

Quit Smoking NOW

Welcome to the New Year 2017 as a smoke-free Human Being!

This column is designed for those wishing to smoke less or not at all. Smoking is one of the unhealthiest lifestyle choices one can embrace. It not only harms the smoker but also those present that are sharing the same air space. This indulgence has been in the media for so long that it is not necessary to discuss the benefits of not smoking. The following points are suggestions for breaking connections with tobacco abuse:

  • Don’t go cold turkey: while this may work for some individuals, most people can achieve their goal of being smoke-free only through gradual reduction
  • Avoid other smokers: staying clear of environments where there is tobacco usage reduces the temptation to burn one
  • Notice what triggers your tobacco urge: sometimes social activities such as drinking stimulates the smoking desire. Pay attention to what drives you to light up
  • Calculate your savings: you will save money by not purchasing tobacco as well as save on health insurance
  • Select a date to quit: this creates a target that starts the cessation in motion
  • Tell everyone you know: this creates low key social pressure as you will have to interact with these people daily
  • Practice yogic breathing exercises: the article about breathing will explain this in depth
  • Don’t buy tobacco: likewise, do not borrow cigarettes or tobacco
  • Exercise daily: this will cleanse the body and lungs as nicotine is removed from the body after the 3rd day of no smoking
  • Never give up: if at first you do not succeed, you can always try harder

No one came in this world as a smoker, it was a learned habit that was perfected through practice. Now that you have mentally and spiritually outgrown this addiction, you are ready to break the physical temptation and live a healthier life again.

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

Release~Regroup~Revive in 2017

Resolutions are made to be broken.

As we enter the new year of 2017, we look back and review our accomplishments. We come to terms with what did or did not work for us. We house clean and prepare for new ventures while releasing the things that have no possibility of serving our desired growth. We let go!

The following list is only the tip of the iceberg; your listing may not include any of these. Release what doesn’t work for you, regroup, and revive your life in 2017:

  • the need to control
  • gossip and grudges
  • excuses and procrastination
  • jealousy
  • trying to please everyone
  • over spending
  • comparing yourself to others
  • any job that you hate
  • negative body images
  • unhealthy relationships
  • unhealthy habits
  • over committing
  • what others think about you
  • home clutter


The Art of Manifestation


We co-create our realities. We shape our thoughts, goals, and dreams in our lives every moment: this is manifestation. Like all endeavors, there are many ways to scale this mountain. This moment that I share with you is just one of the possible ways to procreate your desires. If other things work better for you, so be it.

First off, to make things happen we must take action. Books like THE SECRET have made this a mainstream event, but there is more to the art of shaping your life than just intent alone. Life without action is fire without heat. The combination of positive thought and clean actions will produce miraculous success-this is your spiritual equation. Now, we address the Art of Change:

  • Meditate Even though seeing is believing, you must now embrace the new concept of “Believing is Seeing”.  The stillness of meditation rewires the brain to create a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious dreamtime.
  • Make your intent physical You may use sounds, symbols, words, images-whatever can create that sincere connection between your waking mind and your subconscious attention. Create a vision board for establishing a consistent point of meditation and focus.
  • Feel the experience fully as an I AM unit Once the intent has a physical presence, the seeking spirit must embrace the moment of being in the now. Experiencing the outcome daily is the most important moment as the feeling tones make stronger subconscious impressions. This physical level of living feels the desired manifestation has occurred, so the magic happens.

With all honesty, not every dream that we hold will manifest easily. Some never happen as well. While we may attribute this to karma and other aspects of life beyond our control, not getting our desired result is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it is more important that we change ourselves and dreams than to change the world around us.


Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi

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Heart Beat of Earth Mother


We begin life in sacred rhythm. We are listening to the heart beat within our mother’s womb. This is the heart beat of Earth Mother as well. Mother nourishes our infant development as she attunes our infant psyche to a stable rhythm that pulses with the freshness of our new incarnation. We carry drum with us until we return to Star Nation. Then, like the proverbial saying…

“the beat goes on”


Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi


October 30th 2016 New Moon

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Welcome to the time of the New Moon tonight!

This is the moment for releasing the negative energy and obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and experiencing your abundance. Use this time to plant the seeds of intention so that your dreams will began manifestation. This is really simple and can produce the results that you wish to see.

  1. Create a sacred space that will not be disturbed. This can be indoors or outside. You may even use your personal alter space or find a place of power in nature. Try to not begin before sunset if at all possible.
  2. Determine which areas of your life need new energy, as well as which things you have that no longer serve you. This New Moon ritual is all about clearing out your personal space to create room for more abundance. The golden rule is do not set any intentions that can harm other living being.
  3. When you have you list of things to release, take a moment to ground yourself. You may sit quietly, or even use sage, water, or any natural element to ground and focus this moment.
  4. Determine which method of release speaks to you. You may burn your listing in a fire or by candle. Or, you may just use mental imagery and visualize your changes. You may even toss the listing away and not go reclaim it. The point is that you want to physically create a new space using your intent.
  5. You may set parameters for this new growth. You may ask that with the upcoming Full Moon your manifestations comes into being. You may ask for confirmations that this new energy is working through signs and totems.


Please be patient with your requests. Spirit time does not follow our clock inspired linear time. Your requests do not have to be answered as you asked. Sometimes Spirit determines that what we have requested is not in our best interest and we receive what we need as compared to what we wished for.

Achukma Hoke means “This is good”.

Boe Nan Pisa Wayachi



Journey to Optimum Health via Our 9 Light Bodies


This webinar will help you to become of aware of our subtle 9 light bodies that impact our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and sexual health. You will learn how to attain optimum health by tapping into each body. There will be a total of 9 separate webinar to address each body. This webinar will cover the physical body.

When: Sunday, October 16, 2016
Where: Webex Webinar
Time: 7 – 8:30pm
Cost: $20.00 per person


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